LOC Newsletter – May 2024

EeRS Launch

14 practices NOW LIVE with health harmonie as single point of access! On t he new cinapsis platform which aims to make communicating easier between primary and secondary care.

Please note that this will replace GOS 18 referrals only! Cataract referrals remain the same and should be made via opera.

  • This currently covers routine low risk ophthalmology referrals only
  • Health harmonie are the first provider to go live in April 2024. there are still
    multiple providers that will go live at a later date- so watch this space for updates!
  • Solihull LOC have requested for one member per practice to feedback on EeRS. We
    have a WhatsApp group where ‘EeRS champions’ can liaise directly with the LOC. If
    you don’t have a champion for your practice please get in touch via the methods

Upcoming CPD in the area

Johnson & Johnson
16th May (Thursday)

Zoom, 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Pursuing the perfect conversation

3rd June (Monday)

GoToWebinar, 6.45pm – 8.00pm
Bilateral Sequential Surgeries by Mr Shafiq Rehman

Spire Little Aston
19th June (Wednesday)

Zoom, 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Vitreoretinal disease with a surgical overview by My Ajai Tyagi

Onboarding to Cinapsis

Please note that there is no need to wait for confirmation, practices can move onto steps 3,4 and 5 immediately.
Note: You may need to get your Contractor/ Business owner involved in parts 1&2. Some multiples have decided to do parts 1&2 at HQ so liaise directly with them. Please still complete local info at practice level e.g. Practice User accounts & Onboarding Users.

If you own multiple practices you will need to complete a set of declarations for each individual site.

Contact Us

Contact us via: Facebook. X. via email (communicationslead@solihull-loc.co.uk) and join our Solihull Optical Support whatsapp group by emailing us your number!