At Last: EeRS will be launching soon

The long awaited EeRS will be launching in the BSol ICS within the next few weeks.  At the initial launch we will only be able to use it to make referrals to our single point of access (SPoA) HealthHarmonie (H-H).  Other providers will be added soon afterwards until< by the end of the Summer you will be able to make all referrals this way

To sign up you will need to have an in date DSPT in place, if yours needs updating you can do this on the Quality in Optometry website:

If you have an up to date DSPT please click the following ling to register your interest in being onboarded to the service.

Registration of Interest – For LOC Website & email (1) Registration of Interest – For LOC Website & email (1)

Cinapsis, the provider will then contact you and ask you to sign the Data Protection Protocol (DPP).

Once you have onboarded we will let you know when the service goes live.